The Pima County Attorney's Office has dropped charges against a Sahuarita High School student who had been charged with assault in connection with an attack on another student in a locker room.

"Upon review of all police reports and statements, as well as additional discussions with involved parties who the State considers to be credible, it is the State's position that there is insufficient evidence against the Minor to prove the charges that were filed on January 29, 2013," Pima County Attorney's Office spokeswoman Isabel Burruel-Smutzer said in a written statement Wednesday.

The student had been accused of participating in the assault of another student. Sahuarita police and court documents said a group of at least seven male students, all school wrestlers, had forced another male student to the ground, took off his pants and underwear while at least one student exposed himself and performed an unspecified lewd act over the victim.

The student who had the charges against him dropped is a juvenile.