Bardo Emmanuel Sanchez-Zamudio, 26, of Tucson is facing between nine and 42 years in prison for his part in a home invasion targeting an innocent family.

On May 17, 2011, two men were forced at gunpoint into a home near North First Avenue and East Pastime Road by several armed men wearing bandannas and ballistic vests, according to court documents.

Once inside, they were forced to the floor and struck in the head with a gun barrel. Two other residents inside the home also were forced to the floor and one of them was repeatedly assaulted, too, court documents state.

Two of the men ransacked the house while repeatedly asking for "Erica" and demanding money, drugs and the location of a tunnel, according to court records. One of the assailants fired his weapon after kicking in a bedroom door.

No "Erica" lived in the home.

One of the suspects was heard on the phone saying they were at the wrong house, and when he told the other man he had to leave, the man said he wasn't leaving empty-handed, court documents state. He then told one of the victims that if he gave him $100, he would spare his life.

The men fled the house with a suitcase, a flat-screen TV and several cellphones, but were followed by a man who had escaped the house when the men first arrived, court documents state.

The man followed the suspects' yellow Ford Mustang, called 911 and gave the dispatcher the car's description and direction of travel.

An officer saw the Mustang stop near West Roger Road and North Oracle Road and two men flee, court documents state.

Fabian Iriqui Armenta, 25, and Sanchez-Zamudio, 26, were found with the help of helicopter units and canine officers, court documents state.

Armenta had 0.199 grams of cocaine in his pocket, and officers found a hat and ballistic vest on his flight path. Sanchez-Zamudio had one of the victim's cellphones with him.

A handgun and the rest of the victims' belongings were found in the Mustang.

Sanchez-Zamudio pleaded guilty to two counts of armed robbery last week. He will be sentenced April 4 by Pima County Superior Court Judge Christopher Browning.

Armenta went to trial and was convicted of 16 felonies.

Judge Paul Tang sentenced Armenta to 59.75 years in prison earlier this month for the home invasion case and for an earlier, unrelated burglary.

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