A 22-year-old man sentenced to life in prison earlier this week for first-degree murder was found guilty Thursday of another unrelated first-degree murder charge.

A jury found Victor "Lucky Charms" Lizardi guilty of first-degree murder and armed robbery for the August 2011 shooting death of 24-year-old Francisco Pereida.

Lizardi and a friend were driving around town the night of the shooting when Lizardi spotted a white Jaguar parked at an apartment complex near Prince and Oracle roads, and asked the woman to turn into the complex so he could check out the car, Deputy Pima County Attorney Mark Diebolt told jurors.

Lizardi approached the Jaguar wearing gloves. Pereida, the car's owner, came out of an apartment and confronted him, Diebolt said.

Lizardi got back in the friend's car and they drove off but were followed by Pereida.

Both cars eventually stopped at North 14th Avenue and West Mabel Street, and two men got out of the vehicles.

Pereida again confronted Lizardi, telling him to try to take the car and dangling the car keys in front of him.

Lizardi's friend compared Pereida's actions to "holding meat in front of a dog," Diebolt said.

Lizardi then pulled out a gun and fired six shots at Pereida, then took the man's car keys and took off with his Jaguar.

A short time later Lizardi ditched the car, keys and the gun, Diebolt said.

Even though a gun was found in Pereida's pocket, there was no evidence that he ever pulled it out or threatened Lizardi with it, Diebolt said.

Lizardi's attorney, Sean Bruner, told jurors that there was no evidence that Lizardi intended to steal the Jaguar from the apartment complex and he acted in self-defense after he and his friend were being aggressively chased for miles by Pereida and was being provoked by him.

Lizardi will be sentenced May 14 by Pima County Superior Court Judge Deborah Bernini.

On Monday, Lizardi was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of release after 25 years for the shooting death of 43-year-old Michael Smith.

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