A man convicted of killing a woman by setting her on fire was sentenced to life in prison Monday.

Anthony Lewis, 55, was sentenced in Pima County Superior Court to spend his natural life in prison for the murder of Angela Hudson.

Lewis, who repeatedly violated court orders to stay away from Hudson in the months before the attack that lead to her death, was convicted of dousing the victim with gasoline and lighting her on fire at her home inn the 1600 block of East Grant Road in 2008.

Hudson suffered burns to much of her head and upper body in the attack. She died in a Phoenix hospital months after the attack.

"You left me with nothing but bad memories seeing my daughter in the hospital suffering for five long months," Charles Hudson, the victim's father, said to Lewis at the sentencing.

Despite his daughter's suffering, Charles Hudson said he bore no "bitterness or malice" toward Lewis.

Lewis' defense attorney, Walter Palser, asked that mitigating factors like his client's "low intellectual function" be considered in the sentencing.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Deborah Bernini said she recognized that Lewis has developmental troubles but those didn't excuse or mitigate the crime. "I have never seen an act as cruel and heinous as what you did," Bernini said.