A Tucson man was sentenced to 116 1/2 years in prison for his role in a home invasion in 2011.

Daniel Alejandro Macias, 23, and two other men were accused of forcing their way into a southside home where they held three adults and three children captive.

The men demanded drugs and money, threatening to kill the residents if they did not produce the demanded items.

They took some electronic devices, $250 in cash and a car from the home, according to court documents.

"What was taken was more than that: It was the peace and safety taken from them," Deputy Pima County Attorney Lindsay St. John said at the sentencing.

In April, a jury found Macias guilty of 16 counts, including six counts of kidnapping, one burglary count, one armed-robbery count, one aggravated-robbery count, six aggravated-assault counts and one theft of a means of transport.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Jane Eikleberry made six of the counts consecutive sentences because they were for crimes committed against children, including kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Macias' attorney, Rafael Gallego, asked the judge for leniency in sentencing.

"He's a young man," Gallego said. "He doesn't even have a criminal history."

In a memorandum submitted to the judge on behalf of his client, Gallego said Macias came from a disadvantaged background.

He said Macias' youth was marked by "poverty, unemployment, crime, addiction to drugs and alcohol, physical and emotional abuse, and the absence of an adult male role model."

St. John, however, said the report couldn't excuse the crimes Macias committed.

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