A Tucson man was sentenced in Pima County Superior Court on Tuesday to a year in jail and 15 years' probation for two counts of child abuse.

David Michael Hollenbeck pleaded guilty in January to child-abuse charges stemming from a December 2011 incident in which he dropped his 7-week-old son in the shower.

Hollenbeck called 911 to report that he was giving the baby a shower when the child began having what appeared to be seizures, court documents show. A CT scan showed the baby had a skull fracture and subdural bleeding on both sides of the brain.

When he was asked about the differences in his story and the injuries, Hollenbeck admitted he dropped the baby in the shower and caught him by the leg, but the infant hit his head on the tub, according to court documents.

At the sentencing hearing, a Child Protective Services representatives said the child is healthy and has made a full recovery.