Officials continue to patrol the Green Valley area after another coyote was killed Monday and three more people reported being bitten.

Two people were bitten in separate incidents Monday evening and another reported being bitten Sunday outside their residences near the Canoa Hills and San Ignacio golf clubs on the south side of Green Valley, officials said.

Since the beginning of the month, seven people have been bitten by a coyote or coyotes. As many coyotes have been killed and are undergoing or have undergone rabies testing, although none is believed to be rabid, said Tom Whetten, a spokesman for the Arizona Game and Fish office in Tucson.

Four of those coyotes tested negative for rabies and the results for the remaining three are still pending, said Bill Frank, an epidemiologist with the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Two of the latest bite incidents occurred within about 11 minutes of each other in the 3800 block of South Placita de la Moneda and the 1500 block of West Calle Zuniga about 6 p.m., said Deputy Dawn Barkman, a Pima County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman.

The coyote was shot to death by a USDA wildlife specialist as it was seen leaving the second residence, Whetten said.

The bite that occurred Sunday was reported Tuesday morning, but no details were available about that incident.

All who were bitten suffered minor injuries, Barkman said.

Evidence that residents have been feeding the animals include bones and scraps that have been found in the area and the fact that all seven of the coyotes were extremely heavy and well fed.

The Arizona Department of Game and Fish believes that only one coyote is actually biting people because the behavior is the same in each case, Whetten said.

It was not known if the coyote killed Monday is the one responsible for the attacks, Whetten said.

l Don't feed wildlife.

l If you have neighbors doing so, ask them to stop. If they refuse to stop, call the Arizona Game and Fish Department at 628-5376 or 911.

l Do not leave dog food outdoors.

l Do not leave water bowls outside.

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