Pima Community College released more than 8,500 pages of documents related to Jared Lee Loughner Tuesday afternoon.

They include three documents that a judge ordered released on Monday and had been sought by media outlets through public records requests.

Those documents reflect the last days of Loughner’s years as a Pima Community College student, when the college suspended him for violating the student code of conduct, then told him he must get a mental-health clearance before he could return to the college.

“A mental health clearance is an opinion issued by a mental health professional indicating whether, in the opinion of the mental health professional, your presence at the College presents a danger to yourself or others,” said Darla Zirbes, the college’s vice president of student development.

A brief review of some of the other pages showed they largely included news stories sent to Pima staff members.

Previous to Tuesday’s release, Pima Community College had released another 10,500 pages of emails and documents containing the word “Loughner.”