Orlando Robles, who took part in a robbery ring that hit a long list of midtown businesses, was given 2 1/2 years in prison on Friday.

Robles was one of four people arrested in the numerous armed robberies at Tucson stores and restaurants between July and September 2012.

Some of the employees at those businesses were tied up and locked in storerooms.

At the time of Robles' arrest, Tucson police linked him to robberies at Quik Mart, 4477 E. Fifth St.; Lasting Touch Salon, 5350 E. Broadway; Nico's Taco Shop, 3910 E. 29th St.; Game Stop, 5620 E. Broadway; Sticky's Smoke Shop, 6516 E. 22nd St.; Car Cash Pawn Stars, 3540 N. Oracle Road; and Game Stop, 6970 E. 22nd St.