A Tucson baby sitter, on trial for second-degree murder after a 10-month-old in her care died after being left in a tub with an open drain and running water, testified Thursday that it wasn't the first time she left the baby in the bath.

Zada Davis told jurors she placed Winter Breeze Azure in the bath on June 12, 2012, to help soothe a bad diaper rash.

Davis said she plugged the tub so she could wash it out before putting Winter in the bath, then she unplugged it, turned the water on full force and then walked out of the bathroom.

There were a few toys in the bathtub including a bucket, a car and a small, pink plastic doll cup.

Davis testified that over the next several minutes she changed the diaper and clothes of another baby she was caring for, played with the baby, and got on the computer to look for an episode of "True Blood," and started sorting laundry.

Davis admitted she passed by the bathroom at least twice and did not check on Winter.

At one point, the baby sitter's daughter came in from playing outside, and Davis asked the 7-year-old to check on Winter.

The girl said the baby was "just fine," Davis testified.

Several minutes later Davis said she went to check on Winter and noticed that the floor was wet.

She said she had been having problems with the toilet overflowing in her north-side apartment and thought that's where the water was coming from.

When she realized it wasn't the toilet she looked at the tub and saw the water overflowing and Winter floating face down, Davis testified.

Davis said the pink plastic cup was stuck in the drain and she pulled it out, shut the water off and took Winter out of the bath.

The baby was purple and Davis testified she tried performing CPR, despite not knowing how to do it properly.

Davis then ran to a neighbor's house to ask for help and the neighbor's daughter took over CPR while she called 911.

Winter was taken to the hospital and was removed from life support six days later.

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