Another Sahuarita High School student accused of assaulting a fellow student earlier this year was sentenced Tuesday in Pima County Superior Court.

Judge Javier Chon-Lopez sentenced 18-year-old Andres Vasquez to three months’ probation for his part in the January assault in a school locker room.

Vasquez pleaded guilty to assault in connection with the attack in which a student was forced to ground, held down and his pants removed.

The victim also told police that some of the students accused in the incident performed an unspecified lewd act during the assault.

Vasquez apologized for the incident and said he hopes to one day join the military.

Chon-Lopez said he believed Vasquez was sorry for the incident and has since changed the direction of his life by getting a job and volunteering at a Tucson-area school to teach children about the problem of bullying.

“You seem to be doing all the right things,” Chon-Lopez said.

Vasquez was one of six students — three of them juveniles — charged in the incident.

Charges against one of the underage students were later dropped.

All those arrested were members of the school’s wrestling team at the time.