A 19-year-old man who helped his mother and her boyfriend commit a home invasion at an Oro Valley widow’s home was sentenced to seven years probation.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Christopher Browning on Monday told Anthony Kaine White-Giordano that his youth, lack of criminal history and a troubled upbringing were all that spared him a lengthy prison sentence.

“I’m going to give you an opportunity on probation,” Browning said.

White-Giordano, 19, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and aggravated assault for participating in the 2012 home invasion.

Along with his mother, Jacqueline Michelle Carlson, 38, her boyfriend, Wellington Curichimba Marin, 41, and an underage accomplice, White-Giordano forced his way into the home and held the resident captive.

The victim, Ursula Pillar, 66, was bound, assaulted and held at gunpoint during the incident. She had previously been in a relationship with Marin, 41, who waited outside during the robbery and later entered the backdoor of the house so Pillar would not see him.

The weapons used in the crime were BB and pellet guns.

White-Giordano testified at Carlson’s and Marin’s trial, describing how his mother planned much of the home invasion.

Marin and Carlson were convicted at trial. Marin received a four-year prison sentence. Carlson is scheduled for sentencing next month.

A sentencing mitigation report White-Giordano’s attorney filed describes the young man’s life as fraught with troubles, largely the result of his mother’s drug abuse.

The report notes Carlson was physically and emotionally abusive to White-Giordano and openly abused drugs. It also describes how he floated in and out of Child Protective Services custody.

At one point, Carlson forced White-Giordano to drop out of eighth grade to care for his younger siblings.

The report says Carlson lured her son into the home-invasion scheme with the promise they would live together as a family once again.

At the time, Carlson faced a prison sentence in federal drug case. She and Marin planned to use the proceeds from the home invasion to move to Mexico in an effort to escape prison.

In addition to probation, White-Giordano must serve six months in Pima County jail and pay $1,400 in restitution.

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