Oro Valley police are looking for a man in connection with the smash-and-grab theft of a large number of Apple products from a Walmart earlier this month.

Eric Mcrae, 28, is one of two suspects in the case, Oro Valley police said in a news release.

On July 2, two men went into the Walmart, in the 2150 block of East Tangerine Road, and were seen in the store’s electronics department. Video surveillance showed the two men leaving the store.

A short time later one of the men walked back into the store, picked up a crow bar and smashed a glass case and stole numerous Apple products.

The man ran out and was seen leaving in a Chevrolet Impala.

Oro Valley police were able to track down the license of the Impala, which led to an arrest of one man.

Emond Hill, 28, is facing charges of burglary, trafficking in stolen property and conspiracy to commit theft.

Anyone with information on Mcrae can call 88-CRIME.