A man accused of bludgeoning his girlfriend to death after she threatened to leave him is on trial for the second time in Pima County Superior Court.

Arnold Mills Granillo is accused of second-degree murder in the death of Kimberly Tsonetokoy, the woman he lived with for more than a decade. His first trial last year ended with a hung jury.

Prosecutors say Granillo beat Tsonetokoy, 45, over the head, face and body with a crowbar after she told him of her plans to end their relationship. Deputy Pima County Attorney Lewis Brandes said Granillo, 50, struck Tsonetokoy as many as 12 times at their home in September 2012.

Tsonetokoy’s daughter, Amber Ramos, said she was awakened the night her mother was killed by Granillo knocking on her door.

“He said someone must have broken in and hit mom,” Ramos, 26, testified on Wednesday.

Defense attorney Joel Feinman told jurors Granillo was a devoted partner who often woke up early to prepare coffee and breakfast before she set out for work.

On the night Granillo is alleged to have killed her, he acted in a senseless rage to the revelation she planned to leave him, Feinman said.

“Arnold picked up a crowbar and in a fit of rage and anger and despair that is unimaginable, he hit Kim,” Feinman said.

Under cross-examination, Ramos said she asked Granillo to call 911 but had to take the phone from him because of his hysteria. She said she initially thought Granillo was hallucinating or had lost his mind because of his hysterical reaction.

Despite the acknowledgement of Granillo’s actions , Feinman said the state still has to prove his client intended to kill Tsonetokoy to win a conviction.

Feinman played a portion of a videotaped police interview with Granillo to show his client’s state of mind and lack of intent. In the video, a detective informs Granillo that Tso-

netokoy died as result of the attack, and Granillo wails uncontrollably and falls to the floor . The trial continues today before Superior Court Judge Javier Chon-Lopez.

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