The convicted killer told his parents he loved them as police handcuffed and led him from the courtroom.

Bryan Peter Foshay was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Brian Blackwell on Wednesday in Pima County Superior Court.

“He demanded entry, he went in and he murdered Brian Blackwell,” Deputy Pima County Attorney Lindsay St. John said in her closing arguments on Tuesday.

Prosecutors argued Foshay, 37, shot Blackwell, 39, in the head in January 2012 because of a dispute the men had over a past partnership in a medical-marijuana growing endeavor.

They made a case that Foshay went to Blackwell’s condo on the 8500 block of East Old Spanish Trail8500 E. Old Spanish Trail to collect a freezer from the victim. The two had exchanged text messages that day, at times becoming heated.

St. John said there was no evidence of forced entry or a struggle at Blackwell’s home, indicating Foshay came inside as an expected guest. In fact, when his father found him, Blackwell was seated upright in a chair with his hands folded.

“He thought that he left no evidence,” St. John said of Foshay. “But he did leave a single bullet in Brian Blackwell’s head, and that bullet is the evidence you need.”

In their closing arguments, the defense questioned the police’s investigation, ballistics testing and why a greater effort wasn’t made to investigate another potential suspect.

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