A Tucson man convicted of first-degree murder and several other charges related to a 2011 home invasion was sentenced Wednesday in Pima County Superior Court to life in prison.

Manuel Jesus Pesqueira, 28, becomes eligible for release after 25 years for the murder charge, but because of the sentences for the other charges will not be eligible for release until he’s served at least 30 years.

Pesqueira was accused of being one of two men who broke into an apartment on West Irvington Road on June 29, 2011 looking for drugs and money.

One of the occupants in the apartment, Reynaldo Cienfuegos, said Pesquiera pointed a gun at his head, took a wallet, a jar of change, and a cell phone, according to court documents released Wednesday. Cienfuegos said Pesqueira came back into the room with a machete and used it to hit the walls and mattress while making demands for money and drugs.

When Pesqueira left a second man came into the room and shot 25-year-old Leonardo Cota-Leyva in the head. Cota-Leyva died a few days later.

Defense attorney, Natasha Wrae, asked Judge Richard Fields, for the lowest sentence possible, 25 years, because Pesqueira was not the shooter and it was not Pesqueira’s intent to harm the victim.

Pesqueira was sentenced to 15 years each for a kidnapping charge and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapons charge.

Those sentences must run consecutively.

He was also sentenced to 15 years on another armed robbery charge, 10 years for aggravated robbery, 15 years for kidnapping, and 10 years for aggravated assult with a deadly weapon, all which will run concurrent with the 30-year sentence.

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