A Tucson mother who police say killed her two children told detectives she shot them following an argument she had with her boyfriend, a court document states.

A Tucson police detective wrote in an interim complaint that Perla Morales said her boyfriend threatened to leave her and that she admitted to shooting her children "multiple times," the detective wrote.

Morales is the one who called 911 on Saturday night to report that "she shot her kids and cut her wrists," the complaint states.

Morales struggled with depression, and her family was trying to get her help, her boyfriend's uncle said Sunday.

"I think Perla has mental problems. She had real bad depression," Teddy Rosovich said. "I tried to get her to go for mental health counseling, or to see a therapist. But she would never go."

Police say 25-year-old Perla Morales shot her children, 17-month-old Richard Rosovich Jr. and 4-year-old Emma Rosovich - then injured herself.

Her injuries were not life-threatening, and she was arrested Sunday on suspicion of two counts of first-degree murder, Tucson police said in a news release. The shooting happened just after 7 p.m. Saturday at the house where Morales and Richard Rosovich Sr. lived in the 900 block of West Calle Colado, near West Valencia Road and Interstate 19.

Richard Jr. was pronounced dead at the home, and Emma died at the hospital.

"We have no answers," said Lupe Wilson, a family friend who was with Morales' mother Sunday. "The family needs a lot of prayers. That is what they need."

Morales and her boyfriend had been together about five years, Teddy Rosovich said. Emma was not his biological child, but Richard raised her as his own.

"Richard loved those children," said Teddy, who was trying to locate Richard Sunday night.

The couple's neighbors either did not answer the door for reporters or declined to comment about the shooting.

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