Attorney Louis S. Fidel, left, and Clarissa Sanchez are shown during court proceedings Friday. Sanchez pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree murder and admitted that she participated in the plot to kill her father.


A 17-year-old Tucson girl will spend the next two decades in prison after admitting Monday she participated in a plot to kill her father.

Clarissa Sanchez pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She will be sentenced Jan. 9 to between 20 and 22 years in prison, a sentence she will have to serve in its entirety.

Sanchez told Pima County Superior Court Judge Paul Tang she left a door open for Larry Raymundo Coronado, 20, and helped Coronado clean the murder scene with Clorox.

Sanchez originally told Tang she didn't know Coronado brought a baseball bat with him or that he intended to kill her father, but after discussions with her attorneys, the teenager acknowledged she planned her father's death with Coronado and was in the car when Coronado dumped the victim's body in the desert.

When Tang asked her if Coronado forced her to participate, Sanchez said "No."

Sanchez and Coronado were both indicted last year on first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder charges.

According to court testimony, Coronado told police Sanchez asked him to kill her father, Andres Sanchez, 38, after he told them they couldn't date anymore.

He had changed his mind about carrying out the plot, but when Andres Sanchez suddenly sat up in bed, he hit him in the head out of fear, Coronado told police. He swung at his ankles so he couldn't get up and follow him, he said.

Andres Sanchez's body was found Nov. 1, 2010 - 11 days after the teens texted Clarissa's mother pretending to be Andres Sanchez, saying he'd left her for another woman.

Coronado's trial is scheduled to resume this morning.

Coronado's defense attorney, George Erickson, told jurors Coronado had lied to police, and he just helped Clarissa hide evidence of the crime.

If convicted, Coronado is facing two life sentences, plus an additional sentence for first-degree burglary.

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