A man who pleaded guilty to killing a Tucson teen was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Monday.

Anibal Cordova pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the shooting death of 17-year-old Alexis Nunez in 2009.

At the sentencing, Cordova, 26, told the judge he felt pressured into the plea agreement and preferred to stand trial.

“I feel like I was rushed into something I wasn’t ready for,” he said, and attempted to argue his case further.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Howard Fell told Cordova that sentencing was not the time for him to make further legal arguments. Fell also said sentencing was the time for allocution following a determination of guilt.

“I’m not impressed that you got rushed into this,” Fell said, reminding the defendant that the plea agreement had been discussed numerous times over the past months.

Nunez’s death was the end result of a dispute over a car Cordova had purchased earlier in 2009.

Cordova bought the car from someone, but the seller had never paid the full amount for the car and the original owner did not transfer the title.

When police pulled over Cordova, the car was impounded and the original owner claimed it.

Cordova later went to the owners’ house to confront them about the car. One of the people at the house that day was Nunez.

The following day, Nunez and Cordova had a confrontation at a south-side bus stop, where Cordova shot and killed Nunez.

Cordova later fled to Mexico, where he remained until his arrest in 2011.

Cordova was tried two times for crimes related to the killing. In one trial, he was found guilty of possession of a dangerous weapon by a prohibited possessor, and in the second, a jury was hung on a first-degree murder charge for Nunez’s death.

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