The prosecution in the trial of woman who left the scene of a deadly car crash said the defendant didn't do what the law expects of people.

"When that crash occurred, she wanted to get out of there," Deputy Pima County Attorney Ashley Bock told jurors Friday.

The state argues Rosanne Inzunza, 29, crashed her car on Golf Links Road near South Craycroft Road the night of May 23, killing her passenger, Bernadette Macias, 35. After the crash, Inzunza fled with a friend who was following her.

Bock argued that Inzunza should have called for help and waited for police and firefighters to respond, as the law requires.

Inzunza and Macias had been at a bar with friends before the crash and were driving to meet other friends after the bar closed. She lost control of the car, which jumped the curb on westbound Golf Links and hit a tree.

Most of the damage was to the passenger's side of the car. Macias died from her injuries later at a hospital.

The state did not argue Inzunza was drunk the night of the crash.

Inzunza's attorney, Rob-ert L. Murray, said it was the friend following behind his client who caused her to lose control and crash.

"The person responsible for this accident is walking around free," Murray said.

He argued to jurors that Michael Bennett, Inzunza's friend, bumped the rear of her car, causing the crash.

Inzunza testified she felt a bump just seconds before her car skidded off the road into the tree.

"It felt like somebody hit me from behind," Inzunza said.

Her attorney also noted Bennett's car had scratches and dents on the front and passenger side, indicating a possible collision.

Inzunza also said Bennett urged her to leave the scene of the crash with him before police arrived. She testified the crash left her dazed and unsure of what happened.

Earlier in the trial, Bennett testified he wanted to leave because he was driving on a suspended license and without insurance.

Bock said there was no evidence the marks on Bennett's car were caused by a collision with Inzunza.

"Mr. Bennett is not on trial here: Ms. Inzunza is," Bock said.

Jury deliberation will continue Monday.

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