A Tucson woman will spend six years in prison for her participation in a pair of crimes, one of which left a man dead.

Selina Acosta was sentenced to six years in prison for kidnapping and 3½ years for attempted unlawful transport of narcotics for sale in two unrelated cases. The sentences will be served concurrently.

In the narcotics case, Acosta, 37, participated in robbing a drug dealer of a cache of prescription painkillers in 2012.

After arranging to meet drug dealer Jovon Luis Mankel in the parking lot of an Eegee’s restaurant on North Oracle Road, Acosta’s boyfriend, Jose Carlos “J.C.” Gonzales, threatened Mankel with a gun and robbed him.

As Gonzales attempted to flee to where Acosta waited in a nearby car, Mankel shot him in the back, killing him. Mankel was convicted earlier this month of first-degree murder for the killing.

At trial, Acosta testified that she knew Gonzales planned to rob Mankel.

She pleaded guilty to the drug charge and agreed to testify at the trial.

In the kidnapping case from 2013, Acosta and an accomplice were accused of restraining a man while another accomplice held him at gunpoint in an effort to rob the victim of oxycodone pills.

Acosta also entered into a plea deal in that case.

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