“Boy, it’s hot.”

That’s something you’ve probably heard and may have said during Tucson’s record-shattering March, which was the warmest on record for both average and high temperatures.

Get a science-behind-the-thermometer look at Tucson’s weather during “A look at Tucson weather: What’s happened, what to expect,” a Star panel discussion at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, in the ballroom of the Tucson Jewish Community Center, 3800 E. River Road.

We plan to discuss some of the questions on many Tucsonans’ minds: What does this heat trend bode for the late spring and summer? What impact might it have for the fire season? What impact might be seen for the monsoon?

The goal is to bring a deeper understanding of what’s happening with Tucson weather.

Tom Beal, the Arizona Daily Star’s science reporter, will serve as the moderator.

The discussion is free. Reserve your seat at tucson.com/weatherpanel