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The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

ABBOTT, Connie G., 88, secretary, May 15, Bring's Broadway.

BARBOSA, Victor A., 86, cab driver, May 10, Bring's Broadway.

CARUTHERS, Bruce A., 73, mechanic, May 14, Evergreen.

CHAMBERS, Roberta J., 80, manager, May 16, Bring's Broadway.

CLARK, Lloyd W., 88, corrections officer, May 14, Bring's Broadway.

CORMIER, Jeri, 64, server, May 14, Adair Dodge.

CRACKO, Lillian, 85, bookkeeper, May 12, Evergreen.

CRAIG, Peggy J., 81, educator, May 11, Evergreen.

CURRY, Phillip B., 23, musician, May 8, Bring's Broadway.

FAUCETT, Ruth G., 89, homemaker, May 14, Bring's Broadway.

FORD, John F., 92, carpenter, May 10, Bring's Broadway.

GARZA, Louise I., 74, caregiver, May 11, Evergreen.

GUILLERMO, Guadalupe C., 71, homemaker, May 15, Adair Dodge.

KOELLING, Richard C., 70, sales manager, May 17, Evergreen.

LAMBERT, Phyllis, 89, home remodeling, May 11, Evergreen.

LANTZ, Richard D., 82, heavy equipment operator, May 14, Evergreen.

LETO, Anthony S., 92, grocery store manager, May 14, Bring's Broadway.

LIS, Jane B., 97, therapy aide, May 3, Bring's Broadway.

MARKING, Anita, 88, administrative assistant, May 12, Adair Dodge.

THRAN, Douglas J., 50, mail clerk, May 14, Adair Dodge.

MACMEANS, Edward Ellsworth III, 69, service manager, April 24, Heather.

MCGRATH, Hannelore M., 87, homemaker, May 16, Adair Dodge.

RHODES, Emma Louise, 81, homemaker, May 11, Bring's Broadway.

ROMAN, Alexander, 95, sheet-metal technician, May 13, Bring's Broadway.

SAMUELS, Owen J., 35, restaurant employee, May 10, Bring's Broadway.

SMALL, Eleanor M., 96, bookkeeper, May 12, Bring's Broadway.

STRAHLER, Emily D., 87, teacher, May 9, Bring's Broadway.

TWORKOWSKI, James Henry, 65, consultant, May 13, Adair Avalon.

TUCKER, Dorothy M., 89, homemaker, May 7, Adair Avalon.

WEINER, Sheldon M., 87, physician, May 16, Evergreen.

ZIEGLER, Richard W. Jr., 83, mechanical engineer, May 9, Bring's Broadway.

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