The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

ERIKSSON, Gunvor, 80, clerk, SaddleBrooke, April 23, Vistoso.

GOGAN, William III, 55, restaurant owner, Oro Valley, April 21, Vistoso.

GOMEZ, Socorro, 79, school cafeteria employee, Phoenix, May 6, Adair Avalon.

MATUSESKI, Richard, 72, pharmacist, of Oro Valley, April 11, Vistoso.

PEREZ, Carmen C., 91, business owner, April 24, Vistoso.

POWELL, Buddy E., 73, astronomy director, May 8, Adair Avalon.

STINNETT, Mary Ann H., 65, printer, May 3, Heather.

THOMPSON, Raymond Jr., 65, professor, Vistoso.

YOUNG, Dorothy M., 88, medical assistant, April 28, Vistoso.