The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

BAUGHMAN, Robert J., 76, director of government relations, July 11, Vistoso.

BRIMMER, David O., 51, business owner, July 2, Vistoso.

BRUNING, Marsha L., 70, teacher, July 19, Vistoso.

CALHOUN, Gerald A., 71, mechanical engineer, of Marana, July 19, Vistoso.

COLLINS, Marvin, 68, miner, July 23, Adair Avalon.

DUFFY, Dennis John, 70, management, July 18, Vistoso.

MEDINA, Roberto Miguel, 34, self-employed, Mammoth, July 6, Vistoso.

VOLZ, Virginia, 87, bus driver, July 16, Vistoso.