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February 20, 2013 12:00 am  • 

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

ALONSO, Teresa, 78, homemaker, Feb. 13, Adair Dodge.

BENNETT, Lawrence A., 95, Veterans Administration, Feb 17, Adair Dodge.

BENTLEY, Lacy, 80, real estate, Feb. 12, Hudgel's Swan.

BOYER, Glenn C., 89, Air Force, Feb. 14, Hudgel's Swan.

CALDER, Norman, 83, welder, Feb. 14, Hudgel's Swan.

CRAWFORD, Charles O., 76, floor coverings, Feb. 14.

CUTTING, Don, 85, model maker, Feb. 17, Bring's Broadway.

FRANCIS, Richard J., 60, accountant, Feb. 15, Hudgel's Swan.

KELLERAN, Evelyn L., 97, homemaker, Jan. 27, Adair Dodge.

LAVENDER, David G., 78, college administrator, Green Valley, Adair Dodge.

LODER, Max A., 72, manager, Feb. 16, Bring's Broadway.

LUDWIG, Dawn N., 42, cashier, Jan. 30, Bring's.

MERCHANT, Edwin, 75, systems analyst, Jan. 29, Evergreen.

MCNEELEY, Ronald J., 70, meat cutter, Jan. 27, Bring's.

MCMILLAN, James D., 58, respiratory therapist, Feb. 15, Bring's Broadway.

MEYER, Mae Lucille, 102, registered nurse, Feb. 18, Adair Dodge.

MILLER, Terry L., 63, banking officer, Jan. 26, Bring's.

MIX, Lavaun J., 73, homemaker, Feb. 13, Hudgel's Swan.

ORR, Michael M., 65, social worker, Feb. 17, Adair Dodge.

PHILLIPS, Gerald, 76, air traffic controller, Feb. 13, Bring's Broadway.

ROBY, Kenneth A., 67, dispatcher, Jan. 30, Evergreen.

ROSTRON, Andy E., 48, software engineer, Feb. 13.

SAILORS, Donald C., 80, radiation safety officer, Jan. 26, Bring's.

SAVI, Eloise, 90, payroll clerk, Feb. 13, Hudgel's Swan.

SHAW, Kenneth E., 69, car dealer, Feb. 12, Hudgel's Swan.

SHEPHERD, Paul R., 87, heavy-equipment serviceman, Feb. 17, Bring's Broadway.

SKOPP, Nina Jean, 82, retail, Feb. 14, Heather.

STAFFORD, Stephen J., 51, aviation sales, Feb. 6, Hudgel's Swan.

STOLL, Frederick R., 88, aerospace engineer, Feb. 17, Hudgel's Swan.

THOMPSON, Chipeta A., 42, Jan. 29, Adair Dodge.

WOOD, Beverly J., 69, contractor, Feb. 14, Hudgel's Swan.

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