2009-09-19T00:00:00Z Deaths Arizona Daily Star
September 19, 2009 12:00 am

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are stated when available.

ASHLEY, Alfred J. Jr., 74, Sept. 10, Hudgel's Swan.

BEASLEY, Janice Ruth, banking, Aug. 22, Desert Rose.

BURKHART, Rebecca Ann, 47, homemaker, Aug. 25, Desert Rose.

BUSBY, Dana Jeanne, 53, registered nurse, Aug. 5, Desert Rose.

CASEY, Jan Roberts, 64, art director, Sept. 5, Desert Rose.

CASTLE, Clarence Richard, 89, truck driver, Aug. 30, Desert Rose.

DENZLER, Carol J., 69, clerk, Sept. 8, Hudgel's Swan.

EWALD, Dianne, 63, Sept. 15, Hudgel's Swan.

FISHER, Charles Elliott, 92, metal fabrication, Aug. 19, Desert Rose.

FLOREZ, Elvira, 91, homemaker, Aug. 31, Hudgel's Swan.

FLOWERS, Gina Lynn, 27, student, Aug. 21, Desert Rose.

FOX, Leonard Charles, 83, Aug. 21, Desert Rose.

FUSERO, Shirley Jean, 83, assembler, Sept. 13, Adair Dodge.

GOLDMAN, Joanne Karen, 60, homemaker, Aug. 25, Desert Rose.

GONZALES, Octaviano, 74, waiter, July 18, Hudgel's Swan.

GRAINGER, James Lee, 61, bus driver, Sept. 7, Adair Dodge.

HABEL, Bruce Robert Jr., 62, retail, Aug. 11, Desert Rose.

JAULNEAU, Henri Alexandre, 87, craftsman, Sept. 3, Adair Dodge.

JOHNSON, Clotildia D., 101, homemaker, Aug. 13, Desert Rose.

KING, Alfreda, 88, homemaker, Sept. 14, Hudgel's Swan.

LANG, Violet, 91, registered nurse, Sept. 9, Hudgel's Swan.

LANGBRIDGE, Gertrude, 82, waitress, Sept. 12, Hudgel's Swan.

LOPEZ, Maria Elva, 81, homemaker, Sept. 14, Desert Rose.

METCALF, Daniel Ralph, 65, Aug. 1, Adair Dodge.

PORTER, Jean Brenda, 77, Aug. 17, Adair Dodge.

RILEY, Howard, 70, Air Force, Sept. 16, Hudgel's Swan.

RONCEVIC, John S., 90, salesman, Sept. 13, Hudgel's Swan.

SCHEWEL, Warren, 86, aerospace, Sept. 11, Hudgel's Swan.

SCHWARZ, Robert Eugene Jr., 52, mechanic, Sept. 13, Adair Dodge.

SEKAVEC, Brackie Dale, 40, Sept. 15, Adair Avalon.

SERVAAS, Jean, 90, homemaker, Sept. 11, Hudgel's Swan.

STEVENSON, Rachel, 89, homemaker, Aug. 25, Hudgel's Swan.

STEWART, Rosalind, 85, Sept. 3, Adair Dodge.

STONE, Rosemary, 84, real estate agent, Aug. 28, Hudgel's Swan.

SUAREZ LOPEZ, Martin Cesar, 37, laborer, Sept. 8, Adair Dodge.

TYE, Herschel, 58, grocery-store stocker, Sept. 16, Hudgel's Swan.

WHITMORE, Ellen L., 55, homemaker, Sept. 11, Hudgel's Swan.

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