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The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

ALDAMA, Enriqueta Arvizu, 66, cosmetologist, Sept. 8, Carrillo's.

ANDES, Keith R., 47, executive director, Sept. 12, Adair Dodge.

AUGUGLIARO, Charles, 60, truck driver, Sept. 10, Adair Dodge.

BACAL, Elizabeth P., 103, Sept. 15, Evergreen.

BERNAL, Magdalena Rita, 65, nurse, Sept. 9, Carrillo's.

CHENIER-CZARNECKI, Claudia, 58, produce, Sept. 13, Desert Sunset Catalina.

CLARK, Donald L., 51, salesman, Sept. 16, Heather Mortuary.

CRAFT, Ronald L., 55, June 16, Adair Dodge.

CUNNINGHAM, Laverne Mary, 82, executive secretary, Sept. 17, Adair Avalon.

DARJEE, Sabitra, 64, Sept. 8, Adair Dodge.

DELGADO, Socorro F., 91, dietician assistant, Sept. 14, Carrillo's.

DINICOLA-RIOUX, Carol, 62, loan officer, Sept. 9, Desert Rose.

ERICKSON, Edward W., Sr., 95, Oro Valley, musician, Sept. 7, Evergreen.

GIAMPOALETTI, Evelyn A., 88, molder, Sept. 14, Evergreen.

GUTIERREZ-NUNEZ, Enrique, 62, construction, Sept. 10, Adair Dodge.

HIGDON, Joseph A., Sr., 89, furniture craftsman, Sept. 12, Evergreen.

HIPPARD, Charles K., 71, Arivaca, paper mill, Oct. 28, Adair Dodge.

JOHNSON, Pearl, 98, reflexologist, Sept. 8, FDA South Lawn.

LARKIN, Howard R., 79, construction worker, Sept. 16, Desert Rose.

MARQUEZ, Juan Ernesto, 83, San Manuel, miner, Sept. 4, Desert Sunset Catalina.

MILLER, Debra E., 56, Marana, registered nurse, Sept. 4, Desert Sunset Catalina.

MILLER, Harry, 98, physician, Sept. 9, Evergreen.

MOLMENTI, Hebe Ester, 69, homemaker, Sept.13, Adair Dodge.

MOSER, Lynne Renee, 56, Catalina, homemaker, Sept. 6, Desert Sunset Catalina.

NEGRETE, Chantalina T., 30, homemaker, Sept. 13, Desert Rose.

PALMA, Louis C., 63, clerk, Sept. 8, Carrillo's.

PANKNIN, Elvina Elizabeth, 74, homemaker, Sept. 10, Carrillo's.

PETERSON, Louise Linda, 70, waitress, Aug. 25, 2010, Adair Dodge.

PRICKETT, Charles, 88, pipefitter, Sept. 16, Adair Avalon.

RASCON, Maria D., 72, chef assistant, FDA South Lawn.

RATH, Harlan H., 72, electrical inspector, Sept. 16, Heather Mortuary.

RIOS, Ricardo, 21, laborer, Sept. 9, Carrillo's.

RIVERA, Adela N., 74, assembler, Sept. 13, Carrillo's.

RIVERA, Anthony, 58, miner, Sept. 9, Carrillo's.

RUIZ-SALAZAR, Maria Yolanda, 62, Mexico, secretary, Sept. 12, Adair Dodge.

SCHNUR, Sherryl Lynn, 56, self-employed, Sept. 14, Adair Avalon.

SALINAS, Maria E., 75, homemaker, Sept. 14, Carrillo's.

SCHUSTER, Ellen Mabel, 98, bookkeeper, Sept. 13, Adair Dodge.

SCHUSTER, Richard E., 83, heavy duty mechanic, Sept. 13, Desert Rose.

SCHWIEN, Mildred I., 86, Aug. 19, Desert Rose.

TURESKO, Ida, 91, Sept. 14, FDA South Lawn.

VALENZUELA, Amelia M., 71, homemaker, Sept. 14, Carrillo's.

VOIGHT, Barbara J., 71, railroad key punch operator, Sept. 11, Evergreen.

WEBB, James L., Sr., 83, heating and air conditioning, Sept. 12, Evergreen.

YODER, Edna, 87, Sept. 8, FDA South Lawn.

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