Eduardo "Lalo" Guerrero, right, and an unidentified friend were snapped strolling downtown by a street photographer, in a historical Tucson street scene. Handout photo.

handout photo

1888: The Solomonville and Bowie stagecoach is robbed of its mail.

1915: The Phoenix Business Association opens a campaign to sell Congress on the idea of buying land from Mexico on the Gulf of California so that Arizona could build a sea port.

1916: Mexican-American musician and activist Eduardo "Lalo" Guerrero is born in Tucson.

1926: The U.S. government pays the Southern Pacific Railroad $1 million to move 15 miles of track between Bowie and Globe to clear the way for the construction of Coolidge Dam.

1929: Frank Curley, who had served as president of the Arizona State Bar, Pima County Bar Association and city attorney of Tucson, is killed in an auto accident on Nogales Highway.

1934: Seven-time Arizona governor George W.P. Hunt dies.

1973: "Twilight" book series author Stephenie Meyer, who grew up in the Phoenix area, is born.

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