The demotion of a Tucson police officer who shared provocative videos and a photo of herself has been reversed.

Tucson's Civil Service Commission voted today to reinstate Diana Lopez to lieutenant from her current position as sergeant.

Lopez was demoted from lieutenant to sergeant in November 2012 after she took sexually explicit videos, and a provocative photo of herself wearing her police uniform shirt. She sent them on her personal cellphone to a subordinate officer with whom she was in a relationship, a Tucson Police Department internal affairs investigation showed.

The department had maintained that Lopez violated several regulations, professional standards and its code of ethics.

In May the commission had asked a court judge to reconsider his ruling that reversed the demotion of a Tucson police officer. The judge had ruled in favor of Lopez, saying the department lacked a policy warning staff members against making and sharing sexually explicit materials with someone they are in an exclusive relationship with.

The commission also voted today that Lopez is entitled to backpay dating back to the day of her demotion in 2012.
The commission was still meeting about rewarding Lopez attorney fees.