Local DISH Network customers can’t watch KOLD Channel 13 and CBS shows today.

Due to a contract stalemate between KOLD parent Raycom Media and DISH, customers lost access to KOLD at 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Earlier this year a contract problem between Raycom and Cox Communications meant KOLD was not carried to Cox customers for four days.

DISH said the outage affects 36 television markets, including Tucson.

Each company is accusing the other of being unreasonable.

DISH said Raycom is demanding “a massive price increase” of “more than four times what it pays now.”

Raycom said “all the other TV providers in our area have agreements with us and those agreements are fundamentally similar to the one we have been negotiating with DISH.”

The KOLD website Thursday told viewers to ask DISH for a rebate or switch providers.