Savannah Hutchings, left, is a CIA spy who must survive obnoxious students, terrible teachers and a bad prom. Aidan Cipra and Bri Sayles also star in the play.

Courtesy of Richard Gremel

Imagine that it’s 1961 and ordinary teenager Jane Doe has been drafted by the CIA to become a super-secret spy agent. Her mission? Infiltrate an American high school to find a Russian spy who is about to send classified space program information to the USSR.

But it’s not easy being undercover, especially when your spy family consists of a femme fatale “mom,” a 40-year old “younger brother” and a dashingly narcissistic “dad.”

Add some obnoxious fellow students, terrible teachers and curriculum, and a horrific prom, and you have a mission that just might be impossible. If you like classic spy shows such as “Get Smart,” “The Untouchables,” “James Bond” or “Mission Impossible,” then you will love “Spy School.”

“Spy School” is being performed tonight, Friday and Saturday by the Advanced Drama Class of Empire High School’s Theatre Department.

The comedic play is directed by drama teacher Richard Gremel, a graduate of the University of Arizona, where he received his B.F.A. in theater education. Along with teaching classes at Empire, he is the technical director at Live Theatre Workshop, designing all of its sets and lighting. He also acts at various theaters around town and is a playwright for the All Together Theatre.

“Spy School” stars Savannah Hutchings as Jane Doe, Aidan Cipra as Blake Moore, the coolest spy ever, and Bri Sayles as the mean teenage American girl Priscilla.