A man was Tasered after an altercation broke out at Fort Lowell/Townsend K-8 School Monday morning.

The man had accompanied the mother of a student who had learned earlier in the morning that her son was going to be suspended.

The incident stemmed from a confrontation on Friday in which the woman’s son claimed to have been pushed by a teacher, said Jim Fish, TUSD’s assistant superintendent in charge of middle schools.

The student had been walking down the hall, using profanity loudly and was approached by a teacher who placed his hand on the student’s shoulder to guide him to the office, according to Fish.

When the mother learned of the incident, she insinuated that her son had been pushed and wanted something done, Fish said. She too was using profanity and making threats during her interaction with school staff on Friday. The dean of students at the school told the mother the incident would have to be dealt with on Monday as school was already out.

On Monday morning, the school notified the mother that her son would be suspended, at which time she said she was on her way to the school.

Anticipating a confrontation, the school notified police, who called backup when they were unable to get the woman to calm down.

At one point, the man who accompanied her brushed past an officer, Fish said. Fish believes the officer felt he was going to be assaulted and proceeded to wrestle down the man and Taser him.

No office staff members were injured, Fish said. One of the woman’s sons was present in the office at the time, but he was removed from the area.

Fish said the man was taken to a hospital and the woman was placed in a patrol car.

“It’s a regrettable incident,” Fish said. “We always try to work with parents in a collaborative way, and we were seeking to do the same this time but things got out of control quickly and we had to have the police intercede.”

Tucson police confirmed they responded to the school, 2120 N. Beverly Blvd., about 7:50 a.m. and that a person was Tasered but could not provide information on whether any arrests were made.

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