Several administrators at Pima Community College are changing jobs, including one who will keep his senior-level salary in a new lower-level post.

Despite the shuffle, the school still lacks a permanent leader for in its human resources department as it tries to overcome a probation sanction imposed in part due to problems that area.

The new measures “will result in a better, stronger Pima,” Chancellor Lee Lambert said in announcement to employees this week.

Among the changes:

  • College attorney
  • Jeff Silvyn
  • and East Campus President
  • Charlotte Fugett
  • will jointly assume interim leadership of human resources, where the top job has been vacant for a year and filled by a consultant since last fall. Lambert hopes to hire a permanent leader by the end of this year.
  • Fugett also will continue to lead East Campus until her retirement early next year.
  • The vice chancellor for public information post now held by
  • C.J. Karamargin
  • at an annual salary of $157,000 is being downgraded to an executive director’s job that pays $30,000 to $60,000 less.
  • Karamargin, faulted in a recent performance review as lacking in knowledge and leadership skills, gets to keep his higher paycheck because the change comes two months after the college extended his vice chancellor contract until mid-2015.
  • A newly created vice chancellor position will oversee “institutional advancement.” The post, to be filled temporarily from within while a national search takes place, will be responsible for areas including public information, grants, alumni affairs and enrollment management.
  • Federal government relations, an area for which Karamargin used to be responsible, will be assumed by a lower-level employee, Lambert said.
  • State and local government relations work will be contracted out and a $139,000 assistant vice chancellor job has been eliminated in that area. The employee who held it is now on a three-month contract and may apply for other jobs, Lambert said.

PCC also is trying to fill two presidential vacancies at its Desert Vista and Downtown campuses and will soon begin a recruiting process to fill the East Campus presidency when Fugett retires, Lambert said.

The college is trying to fix numerous failings that led its accreditor to place the school on probation last year. Its human resources problems included failure to investigate sexual harassment claims and corrupt hiring practices.

PCC’s accreditor will decide early next year if the school has improved enough to be taken off probation.

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