PHOENIX - The Arizona Board of Regents will start the process next month to see if there are ways that some illegal-immigrant "Dreamers" can qualify for lower tuition than they now have to pay.

A 2006 voter-approved measure spells out that anyone who is not a citizen or legal resident who wants to attend a state university must pay the higher out-of-state tuition.

Rick Myers, the board's chairman, said that has pretty much tied the hands of universities.

But Myers said last year's decision by the Obama administration to grant "deferred action" to some illegal immigrants may provide a legal basis for the board to decide these students can qualify for some rate higher than resident tuition but less than what those from other states are charged.

"I know there's a desire on the board to offer education to as many people who graduate from our schools as possible," Myers said.

Gov. Jan Brewer, who sits on the board, will not block the move.

"The governor recognizes the president has caused a lot of confusion with his unilateral executive action regarding this population," said gubernatorial press aide Matthew Benson. "It's understandable that the regents may want to study this issue further."