John Pedicone

A.E. Araiza / Arizona Daily Star

Much has been written and blogged about John Pedicone, Tucson Unified School District's outgoing superintendent, whose last official day on the job was Friday.

A Google search will turn up many different opinions on his leadership style. But this is who he is, in his own words:

"If people know who I am, they know I'm principled in the things I believe in.

"I believe in the absolute importance that students succeed and there are no excuses for me in the commitment to make that happen.

"I'm a person who is extremely loyal to the people I work with and to the organization I work for.

"There's no question that in order to be effective in leadership roles like this you've got to put the work first, before yourself. I would hope there's not an example of where I wasn't consistent with that.

"Character is important to me, so I won't behave badly when others do. I refuse to.

"I'm generally a person that brings people together, which was really one of the most disappointing parts of this job is I was characterized in many blogs as a divider and that's the furthest thing from who I am. I don't align with any political party because for me it's not about what you believe in those regards, it's how you behave.

"I believe in hard work. I have strong relationships with people and I generally enjoy a respectful relationship with people. I appreciate the community support, the people who really know what we're trying to do and appreciate how hard this work really is."