The Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board voted Tuesday to eliminate seven full-time librarian positions next school year as a cost-saving measure.

The three members of the board who were present, Eva Dong, Bobby Garcia and Buck Crouch voted in favor of the cuts.

The district currently has 20 librarian positions. The cuts mostly affect elementary schools.

Included in the seven eliminated positions, two are temporary positions, one is a vacancy, and two are due to the upcoming closures of Los Ranchitos Elementary School and Chaparral Middle School.

Librarians at the middle and high schools will keep their positions but their job titles will be changed to librarian information specialists.

With the changes, six librarians will split their time among two elementary schools each. Los Amigos Technology Academy will be the sole elementary school with a dedicated full-time librarian.

Nine employees will be released and be given priority to apply for the seven new positions.

The changes were developed by a library executive team consisting of librarians, information technology staff and other staff members, said Javier Baca, executive director of information technologies.

The district expects to save $250,000 with these cuts.

The reductions are the latest in a series of cuts deemed necessary after voters rejected a budget override in November.