Mark Stegeman has decided to step down from his post as president of the TUSD Governing Board.

He will relinquish his role of president as soon as his successor is appointed, but no later than June 30, Stegeman announced Sunday night.

Doing so, according to Stegeman, will give him the freedom “of any ordinary board member to express my views on district issues, untangled from the president’s role as the board’s spokesman.”

“Reducing my administrative responsibilities will allow me to focus more time and energy on the budget and educational issues which are ultimately critical to the district’s success,” he added in an email to his constituents.

Stegeman was voted in as president in January, after having been pushed out of the seat months earlier amid controversy surrounding the Mexican American Studies program.

At the time, other Governing Board members said that Stegeman did not know how to effectively lead the board or maintain order.

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