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Six dozen TUSD teachers, librarians, counselors and others who were issued pink slips last month are being called back and offered contracts.

Of the 187 employees approved for layoffs, 72 were recalled Tuesday as a result of positions opening up.

Sixty-nine staff members who were on the original list remained there Tuesday, along with eight others who were added due to either budget changes or because their schools closed and they couldn't be placed elsewhere.

Three employees were removed from the reduction-in-force list because they either retired or died.

Thirteen others who were laid off have been offered positions but have declined employment.

The list changes daily as job offers that have been made are accepted or declined, said Pam Palmo, the Tucson Unified School District's chief human resources officer.

The reduction was part of the district's effort to reconcile a $17 million budget deficit caused by a decrease in student enrollment and continuous cuts in state funding.

It has become a regular practice to issue pink slips in the spring and to recall employees before the start of the new school year.

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