A TUSD teacher accused of taping a 7-year-old child to a chair has been removed from the classroom and is now the focus of a Tucson Police Department assault investigation.

No charges have been filed against the teacher, who has not been identified.

Tucson police responded on Friday to the girl’s home, where her mother reported that her daughter was assaulted by her teacher at Hollinger K-8 School, 150 W. Ajo Way.

According to police, sometime after lunch, the girl got out of her seat three times to sharpen her pencil and was given a yellow light, indicating her behavior needed improvement.

The child told police that as a form of discipline, the teacher had her raise her hands and then taped her to the chair she normally sat in, using tape from a desk drawer.

The girl told police the tape hurt her belly.

“She was cut loose only when she told the teacher she needed to go to the bathroom,” police spokesman Sgt. Chris Widmer said. “She was not taped again but was told if she misbehaved again, she would be.”

The girl’s mother told police she would not send her daughter back to school until she is moved to another classroom.

The case has been assigned to a police detective and is under review.

The Tucson Unified School District declined to answer questions regarding the incident and instead issued a blanket statement:

“We take these things very seriously. Obviously such behavior is not appropriate or acceptable and is not part of any district protocol.”

The complaint was referred to TUSD’s leadership, said Cara Rene, a district spokeswoman. If the claim is substantiated, disciplinary action will be taken.

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