The TUSD board meeting  was resceduled to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at TUSD Headquarters, 1010 E. 10th Street.

The agenda will remain the same, to include a proposal to change some Ethnic Studies courses to electives.

It had initially been set for Thursday at Catalina Magnet High School.

The TUSD board room and lobby can hold a total of 185 people. That capacity will be enforced. Speakers will be set up outside for the overflow crowd to hear the proceedings.

Factors in the date and venue change include:

• Thursday is Cinco de Mayo — a day that has symbolic value.

• While Catalina accommodates more members of the public, it would be harder for police to gain control.

• Because of its size, Catalina would require more resources in terms of security and off-duty officers.

Precautions that will be taken at 1010 include:

• The use of more than a dozen TUSD school safety employees — some of whom will be armed — and four to six off-duty police officers.

An off-duty officer costs $40 per hour. For every five officers, one off-duty sergeant is needed at $45 per hour. TUSD expects to utilize the off-duty officers for six to seven hours.

School safety personnel work for TUSD, but those on overtime earn $28 an hour.

• Those attending the meeting will be searched, purses will be checked and backpacks will not be allowed. Metal detector wands will also be available for use.