Pima Community College is poised to choose a new chancellor Friday.

The troubled school’s Governing Board has set a meeting for 11 a.m. to select a “successful finalist” for the school’s top job, despite extensive opposition from within and outside of the college.

The post is expected to go to Lee D. Lambert, a lawyer with extensive experience in sexual harassment issues, who has served since 2006 as president of a small community college in Washington state.

PCC board chairwoman Brenda Even named Lambert last week as the board’s top finalist for the chancellorship.

Even and several others from PCC spent two days in Washington earlier this week visiting Shoreline Community College where Lambert works.

PCC’s faculty and staff, local business leaders and others are opposed to a new chancellor being hired by the college’s existing board.

Most of the board was deemed “dysfunctional” by a recent accreditor’s investigation that resulted in PCC being put on probation.