Susan Bring, part of the funeral home services industry in Tucson for more than 40 years, has been recognized for her work.

Bring recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arizona Funeral Cemetery & Cremation Association.

Heather Long, executive director at the association, said Bring was nominated because of her dedication, involvement in the community and advocacy for the profession.

Bring, 67, was born and raised in Tucson. Her grandfather founded Bring Funeral Home in 1928.

In 1992, Bring became president and CEO of Bring Funeral Home but had been involved with it since she was a teenager.

Though Bring retired in 2011 and sold the business to the Foundation Partners Group, the two funeral homes, one at 6910 E. Broadway and the original location at 236 S. Scott Ave., still operate under the Bring name.

"People still ask about me and that sort of thing. That's to be expected, and I'm very proud of that," Bring said.

She said over time people's attitudes toward death have changed.

"The whole concept of death has changed," Bring said. "People aren't afraid to speak about death. There's been a positive impact in the last few years."

Bring pointed out that people have become more comfortable with the idea of hospice. The "Necessary Conversation" program, as a part of Bring services, allowed people to set up their wills and discuss their power of attorney before facing their own traumatic situations, she said.

Belinda Brauer, who has known Bring for about 35 years, said she learned all she had to know about funeral services by working for Bring. Brauer is the director of special projects at the Bring Funeral Home.

"It is because of her that I have the passion I do to work with families after death," Brauer said.

Brauer said the Bring family never lost sight of its goals and prided itself on handling business the right way, offering decent prices for services.

Patricia Zachary, a colleague of Bring's who retired in 2011 with her, was asked by Bring's father to work for their funeral home. She was the office manager there for 33 years and enjoyed the years she spent there.

"Susan was an excellent boss. She was compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable," Zachary said.

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