A couple and their two sons trying to keep their cats warm throughout the night will be out of their house for a while due to fire damage.

The family set up a heat lamp and blankets on their back patio bench Friday night to keep several cats warm. Fire investigators think either the lamp fell onto the blankets or they were too close to the heat source.

The fire traveled up the back side of the house and into the attic before it was detected, said a news release from the Northwest Fire District. The fire, ruled accidental, caused about $15,000 worth of damages.

Crews arrived at the home near North Thornydale and West Orange Grove roads at about 8 a .m. and within 14 minutes were able to extinguish the fire.

Northwest Fire urges residents to be fire safe when trying to stay warm in this very cold


* Leave three feet of space when using interior space heaters and never leave a heat source on when you’re not awake and not

in the room.

* Never leave open flames such as candles or fireplaces on when you’re not awake or present.

* Make sure your home has working smoke detectors.

* Use caution with electrical extension cords and exterior warming lamps.

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