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I activated my account, but whenever I try to log in a message tells me “It looks like you already have an account.” I know that. How do I go straight to Star content?

You need to click the big blue “activate” button just one time.Activate As part of that process, you confirm a login email address and create a password. Those are what you will use on all future visits to Find the words “Log In” on the copper bar near the upper right corner of the home page. Click on those words, then login.

You can tell that you’ve successfully logged in because your name will now appear in that copper bar.

You can log out every time you leave, but it isn’t necessary. If you have a private computer and are not worried about anyone else using it, you can stay logged in between visits.

I activated my account and logged in just fine the first day. But after that, the e-Newspaper wouldn’t accept my login. What is wrong?

There are several ways to log in to the e-Newspaper and one of them has a bug that we are troubleshooting. But here are two ways that work:

Go to and click the words “Log In” on the copper bar near the upper right corner of the home page. Once you are logged in, you will see the title “e-Newspaper” pop up in that same copper bar. Click it to go directly to today’s e-Newspaper.

The second option is this: At about 5 a.m. every morning, you should receive an email with “Arizona Daily Star Top 5 Newsletter” in the subject line. About halfway down the right column of the email, click on the blue bar that says “Access E-Newspaper.” Once you’ve typed in the login address and password you created when you activated your full-access subscription, you’ll go directly to today’s e-Newspaper.

I had the Star’s news and sports apps on my smartphone before I activated my digital account. But now the apps show padlocks next to some sections. You told me I have full access, so why are there locks?

When we introduced the full-access subscription model, we also improved the phone apps. If you have the latest version, images of small padlocks will appear next to some section titles. Tap on one of those section locks and then tap on any story. You will be prompted to login with the email and password you created when you activated your full-access subscription. Once you do that, all of the padlocks disappear and you have full access to the Star's smartphone content.

I’ve never used the phone apps before. Is there a charge? How do I get them?

There is no additional fee. All of our digital content — the website, e-Newspaper, and smartphone apps and tablet apps — are part of your full-access subscription.

If you are an iPhone user, tap App Store on your device. Search for the “" news app. The sports app is called “UA Sports from the Arizona Daily Star.”

If you are an Android user, open Play Store on your device and search for the "" news app or for the "UA Sports" app.