A female bear and two cubs found in trees on Fort Huachuca were safely removed and relocated by Arizona Game and Fish Department officers last week.

The female bear and her cubs were found in separate trees last Friday morning, said Mark Hart, a Game and Fish spokesman.

Officials believe the family was foraging for food in garbage cans and may have been startled by something that caused them to run up into the trees, Hart said.

The cubs were about 100 yards from their mother.

The female bear climbed down but was treed again by officers, to prevent the family from splitting up, Hart said. At that point she was about 200 yards away from the cubs.

Firefighters lifted a Game and Fish officer in a bucket so he could get the cubs down by hand.

The officer placed one of the cubs, which weighed between 10 and 15 pounds, into a kennel and carried the other one down, Hart said.

Officers used a tranquilizer to get the female bear out of the other tree.

All three bears were taken to another location.