Since Nathan Miller was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador nearly half a century ago, he's kept in touch with friend and weaver Rudy Masaquiza through the grapevine.

A three-day event in Tucson brought the two together again.

"We haven't seen each other for 46 years," Miller said, embracing his friend, who transported his weavings to Tucson to sell.

Masaquiza was part of an afternoon Indigenous Marketplace on Gallery Row outside Details Art & Design, 3001 E. Skyline Drive.

He and several other native artisans from the U.S. and other countries showed their work at two other venues over the weekend as well.

In the Peace Corps Miller set up credit unions to serve villages and people big banks wouldn't. The cooperative, he said, "still goes on today."

"It was just two years of my life but it meant so much."

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