Assistant director Callie Hutchison reads along in the script as the cast performs during the dress rehearsal.

Lois Lederman gets some help from Maria Fletcher fine-tuning her wig as the two prepare to take the stage at a dress rehearsal for “A Pain In The Aunt.”

Paul Hammack as Barrett Jr. reacts to the amorous advances of his client Aunt Margaret, played by Lois Lederman at a dress rehearsal for The Comedy Playhouse production of A Pain In The Aunt, Thursday, September 5, 2013, Tucson, Ariz.

Maria Fletcher, left, as Gina and Cristin Phibbs as Priscilla realize Aunt Margaret is in the room with them and hold off on their conversation.

Lois Lederman, as Aunt Margaret, mocks Tony, played by Sean O’Connell, in the new play “A Pain in the Aunt,” written by Tucson playwright Peré Summers. The production is at The Comedy Playhouse.