The Adult Formation ministry at St. Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church will offer two forums Sunday, both at 10:15 a.m.

In the West Gallery, St. Philip’s Committee for the Prevention of Gun Violence will sponsor “Guns in Our Lives: Let’s Look at the Facts.” Discussion will focus on the stances of the United States and other countries regarding guns, their presence in our lives and their consequences, using the techniques of civil discourse to share differing thoughts and opinions. 

St. Philip’s Committee for the Prevention of Gun Violence was formed after the December 2012 shootings in Connecticut and in response to the prevalence of random gun violence worldwide, to further the dialogue and education regarding guns and violence.

St. Philip’s will recognize Charles Darwin’s 205th birthday with a forum entitled “Darwin’s Ghosts.” The revolutionary and controversial theory of evolution, published by Darwin in “The Origin of Species” in 1859, has caused unrest and upset in the religious world ever since.

Was Darwin’s thesis regarding evolution by natural selection original with him, or did others precede him? When Darwin published “The Origin of Species,” he was in such a rush to publish that he did not acknowledge (reference) other possible scientific contributions to the concept.

Upon publication, he was criticized and cajoled into crediting others and did acknowledge many of them in subsequent editions .

How significant were these earlier contributions? Can Darwin be solely credited with originality regarding natural selection, or are attributions to others necessarily important in his major contribution to our understanding of evolution?

The Rev. Thomas J. Lindell, a molecular and cellular biologist who is also an Episcopal deacon, will lead the discussion in the La Paz Room.

The forums are free and will last about an hour.

St. Philip’s is at 4440 N. Campbell Ave. at East River Road. Parking is available in the north parking lot or under the solar-covered parking structure on the east side. The office phone is 299-6421.