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That's 19, 20, 21 … and eight more in the mail from eBay.

Oh, excuse me. I'm counting the teapots Pat has bought in the last few weeks. Why is Pat buying so many teapots? Well, as they say, it's for a good cause.

Pat belongs to the Tucson Handweavers and Spinners Guild, which is having its biennial Tea and Fashion Show March 10 at the Holiday Inn at 4550 S. Palo Verde Road.

Guild members will model their best fiber creations - sweaters, jackets, scarves, dresses and the like - for other guild members and members of the public who buy tickets to get in.

Boutique items will be sold and baskets filled with goodies will be raffled.

Proceeds will sponsor educational events for guild members, such as paying for visiting expert teachers or sending people to conferences and shows, and for teaching and demonstrations in local schools and at public events.

The last fashion show, in 2009, drew 270 people.

Guild members work hard to come up with ideas for table decorations, which they make. They first thought of making tea cozies - decorative teapot covers that help keep tea warm. After starting to make them, Pat and other guild members realized that to make a tea cozy, you need a specific teapot that the cozy would be designed for, since teapots come in all shapes and sizes.

Pat volunteered to get the ball rolling by buying some teapots. Then other guild members began to buy and donate teapots. One guess is that they'll need 100.

So for weeks now, Pat and her friends have been scouring tea shops, antique shops, gift stores, eBay and even Bookmans for teapots. On a recent vacation, Pat and I even found a teapot in an old ice-cream store near Ruidoso, N.M.

Now that the teapots are rapidly accumulating, work is starting on the cozies, each customized and with its own personality.

The plan is for all the teapots and cozies to be sold at the fashion show.

The guild's new Afternoon Tea Cozy Club is meeting monthly at Kiwi Knitting on East Sixth Street to create cozies, share ideas and coordinate.

Pat says, "This is too much fun!" Tea anyone?

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